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Early QST Editorials

1917 June

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Worries! Does the government understand us? Would they just rather kill off Amateur Radio?


Provided we and our allied friends come out on top in this big scrap, it seems likely that the future of amateur wireless will be safe, as far as legal matters go. We have heard several rumors during the past month about some sinister legislation which was nosing around down in Washington and which was going to put the amateur out of business for all time. It was even stated that a bill was pending before Congress. We took occasion to run these rumors to earth, going so far as to have an investigation made in Washington as to the pending legislation on Radio matters. This investigation developed the fact that there was a bill pending, but when a copy of the bill was obtained, it also developed that absolutely nothing in it threatened the amateur. It is known as HOUSE BILL NO. 2573 and it has to do wholly with Commercial stations and specifically exempts amateur stations.

At the hearing in Washington early in the winter on the old bill, the Navy Department made it very plain that they did not intend to kill amateur wireless. We were present at the hearing and heard the whole thing with our own ears. We always have had the greatest confidence in the U. S. Navy Department and we think there is a square deal to be expected from them absolutely. When the war is over, it is our guess that we will be re-opened and that every encouragement will be held out to us to improve the art of radio communication, insofar as is possible and not cause interference with the protection of life at sea. Those of us who are near the coasts must always be subjected to greater limitations than those of us who are inland. All you fellows who have accumulated any new ideas in the last few months regarding better efficiency apparatus, may go on with the good work in the confidence that when the war clouds roll away, you will be able to build your apparatus and use it.

ARRL and QST are at a very tender age. Amateurs need to keep QST in mind, even in these momentous times of war.

Clarence Tuska explains why he hasn't signed up for the military. QST is just too important!


If there is one thing which we of the A. R. R. L. need, it is that our QST be kept going during the war. It is the only thing we have which binds us together. The air is silent these days and most of us have almost forgotten what a signal sounds like. If we had no means of communicating with each other, it would be impossible to hold our organization together. It would be like a chain of sand.

Our QST means a lot to us all. We think we are justified in saying that it is the medium which forms the nucleus of the strongest and most influential organization of amateur wireless station owners in the country. This organization has already reached a point where its strength has been felt. Our Board of Direction is made up of men whose influence carries far and as there is every reason for believing that amateur wireless will be reopened and encouraged by the Government after the war is over, we should not let anything happen which will permit this organization to break down. QST can hold it together and even strengthen it, if it is published every month on the lines which have been established. We must, therefore, do everything in our power to keep things moving.

Your editor is of military age, and to the best of his knowledge and belief, he has neither flat feet nor a leaky heart. Therefore, he is liable to be plucked out of the editorial chair and deposited in the trenches "some where in France" unless he enrolls in the Naval Reserve, Radio, which he would have done months ago had it not been for QST. He probably will be unable to hold on much longer and it will then become necessary for somebody with a more or less defective anatomy to edit and hustle out QST every month. While the work might be done better by the new than it has been done by the old, nevertheless the breaking in of the new will take time and cost money. Therefore, again, all the more reason why you fellows should HELP KEEP QST GOING. If you have not sent in your subscription or your annual dues to the A. R. R. L. for Heaven's sake send them now. If you buy at the news-stand, for Heaven's sake keep it up or send in your subscription for a whole year and your dues. If you know anybody who is interested in wireless, for Heaven's sake call them on the phone and make them promise to subscribe for the sake of the future of amateur wireless. If you are thinking of any electrical experiments which can be conducted under the present conditions, for Heaven's sake write to the manufacturers who advertise in QST about the apparatus you need and tell them to keep a stiff upper lip and also keep up their advertising in QST. In short, do your bit and HELP KEEP QST GOING.

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