AA6E History Testbed

I have collected some topics of interest for students of the history and culture of Amateur Radio over the years. They offer a framework for navigating the pages of QST and other historical sources.

The material is to be presented as an "annotated anthology", with the original texts presented with enough comments to orient the contemporary reader with historical context and terminology.


These are some subjects of interest. The starting point would be an annotated bibliography of historic QST articles. Where there's a link, there is more material.

  1. It Seemed to Them. What QST editors were saying over the years.
  2. The Decline of Spark. Rise of CW (undamped waves, the Audion).
  3. The Rise of Voice.
  4. Rotten Radio (a series of articles: Rotten Sending, Receiving, etc.) -- many or all of these are included in "It Seemed to Them", above.
  5. Understanding antennas and transmission lines. "The rise of VSWR".
  6. TVI: responding to emergence of television


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